Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By Peter Mohylsky
Old Florida Villages

The market is still very healthy here along the Gulf Coast and 30a.  

Old Florida Village is a very nice subdivision along 30a very near Gulf Place my home.  It has a combination osf single and multilevel homes of very modes size and very nice construction. 

In Old Florida Village, 9 properties have sold over the last 60 days.  Median sales price is $610,000.  16 homes sold over the last six months.  Average sale price during this period was $507,000.  This indicates a very healthy climb in Median sales price but needs to be analyzed closely to discount any outliers.  Outliers are statistical deviations from the norm and they are the reason professional realtor need to be consulted in any transaction.  Properties that were included in the calculation but might not necessarily fit in this same group.  We might have had one of the beach front properties in this same neighborhood change hands and they would not be in that same category.