Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By Peter Mohylsky
Side Hussle

Side hustles are second 'jobs' that can help you to supplement your income while working a full-time job. They tend to be more like businesses than actual jobs. We always advise people to examine their life and determine what skills they have that they could monetize!

Here are some of our favorite side hustle ideas for you. Most of these side hustles are pretty easy to start with minimal qualifications but the potentially lucrative ones require skill, dedication and focus. Learning new skills can be fun!


10 Side Hustle Ideas


1. Start Trading Stocks Online

We love trading stocks and it is the perfect side hustle if you like learning new things. It isn't easy but we follow a millionaire traders strategy (Jason Bond trading patterns) which has fast tracked our journey to profits. We trade low cost stocks (Jeff Williams trader extraordinaire has made a fortune doing the same) that have potential for huge profits very quickly.

2. Online Freelance Work

Freelancing has become extremely popular as a side hustle. People are working as freelance writers, editors, virtual assistents and proofreaders (how to learn proofreading). Typical pay for these types of freelancing jobs can range of $15 - $100 per hour.


3.  Coaching

Coaching is a great side hustle if you have specifics skills like soccer, football, swimming or running track. Coaching is very satisfying and can be quite lucrative.


4. Tutoring

People teach English online and make some great money doing it. If you have any skills or teaching experience you can teach it online or create a course about it to sell.


5. Photography

If you are good at photography you can take pictures and sell them online. You can make a TON of money becoming a wedding photographer.


6. Beauty 

If you have a talent for doing hair and makeup then you can make a ton of money offering your services for weddings and special occasions. My sister-in-law does this and makes $1,000 a day!


7. Selling on Etsy

If you have some crafty skills then consider selling your stuff on Etsy to make extra money.


8. Picking up Trash

It sounds like a terrible side hustles but it can be really lucrative. One guy that I know made $600k in a year by starting his own business that contracts with businesses to pick up trash in their parking lots etc.


9. Mystery Shopping

Companies will pay you to shop or eat at their business. This is a way for them to learn how they can improve their business for customers. Pretty easy work but not that well paid.


10. Testing Websites for User Experience

You can make about $50 per hour completing simple tasks for companies that pay you to check that their company's website is easy to navigate for potential customers.


These are just some ideas for starting a side hustle to make some extra money.